The heavy nightlife of the ardennes

September just finished, and so did the mating season of the bats. To prevent Incest in their summer colony, bats play the love game in all kind of dark, underground cold and wet places known as their winter roosts. This was an outstanding opportunity to set up our infrared barrier and 40+ kg of accessories at the entrance of one of these underground cavities and wait until the ignorant horny males come looking for a female partner for the night.

All the factors need to be in place in order to get a successful night: the weather, cooperating bats, a beautiful setting, a ton of charged batteries for the flashes and last but not least: some cold beers and good company for when the setup is ready and fine-tuning is done.

This year again all the factors fell perfectly in place and gave some nice results, thank you Karl for the help with drinking and thinking!

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