On April 19th, I witnessed the last sunset and sunrise up here in the far North. Next time the sun will go down will be in August. To enjoy the last sunset we drove up Platåberget, a mountain next to the village with a stunning view over Isfjorden. This picture shows the sun disappearing for the last time behind the mountainous horizon in the North. The day after I went back around midnight to shoot some Svalbard reindeer in the almost setting sun.

Yesterday we did a daytrip to Svea, a miningvillage in the van Mijenfjorden down in the south. Lars drove us with a 4×4 trough the mines, and I was really impressed by the magnitude of these mines! We drove several kilometers underground, crossing valley’s and mountains above us. The machinery and engineering skills needed to exploit a 4 meter thick layer for several square kilometers was amazing to see!

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