A good start of the new year!

Some exercise with the bat species to start off the year: who knows all species in the pictures below? Tip: there are more then 3 species, less then 5 and the pictures are made in France, 2015. […]


Cranes, cranes everywhere!

This year we didn’t go to the classic place: Lac-du-Der. Me and Karl where invited by Jean Marie for a weekend in the Lorraine again. As always very good food, drinks and company, and in between […]


The famous Danube delta!

One thing is sure, November-December is not the best time of the year to visit the Danube delta. Many of the birds migrated south, everything is brown and the weather is not very favourable, but […]


Autumn leaves… from million years ago!

Not the classis picture of a backlit autumn leaf this time… Last september I found some fossils in Svalbard. In a tertiary layer not far from Longyearbyen you can find leafs of trees and ferns, most […]


Wild Poland

This week I spent 3 days together with Jan and Thomas in the Biesczcady mountains. A remote area where large mammals are ever present. We had to go there because we’re working on an exciting […]


Svalbard, it’s been a pleasure! Again…

Last month I had the pleasure to be up in the high north again. I guided a group of students on foot trough the autumn tundra of Spitsbergen. Although we had some problems with the […]


Sleepy days, busy nights

Last week I went to the Pyrenees with Karl. The only goal we had for this trip was to make some pictures of bats leaving their roost. Equipped with a ton of flashes and accessories we […]


Temptation white

This weekend I was able to spent two days at a cabin named Dunèr, situated at the famous east-coast of Spitsbergen. This area has less influence from the gulfstream, so it’s generally colder with more […]


A day at sea…

This morning I had no food, so my stomach decided to go to the shop. My camera and bins where going with me, because I planned to drive to sea for a fast check to […]


Bad weather

Last day’s it’s been really bad weather. A lot of dense clouds hanging around the peaks, snow and above all very warm temperatures 🙁 Rumor has it that there was a mother bear with two […]