Les Vosges

Early november I took a shortbreak to the Vosges, a low mountain range in eastern France, near the German border. The massif known in Latin as Vosago mons, sometimes Vogesus mons, was extended to the vast […]


4 Bwana’s on a stroll…

Back in 2001, my father did a 7 weeks trip to Namibia and Botswana to discover the nature and beauty of Southern Africa. This was also the time when Nikon introduced its first digital compact cameras. My […]


Big pussy on the catwalk

Just having built 2 cameratraps, Karl, Iwan and me were eager to test our new toys in the field. We had been several times in bieszczady, and with the new Europesbig5 hide in this area, […]


Svalbard the movie

As I mentioned 2 posts ago, I tried to make a small movie during my last trip in April to Svalbard. Enjoy (To watch in HD, you need to go to the Vimeo website in […]


The heavy nightlife of the ardennes

September just finished, and so did the mating season of the bats. To prevent Incest in their summer colony, bats play the love game in all kind of┬ádark, underground cold and wet places known as […]


Just another Svalbard trip

Last April I guided two trips for Europesbig5.com in spitsbergen again. It was a very successful year for Polar bears. Most of the females we found had cubs, and most of them where in very […]


Solar Eclipse

This was the Solar Eclipse viewed from Lede, Belgium. Conditions where not ideal, but if the sun managed to come trough the clouds, it was very good to see, even without special glasses due to […]


From the desert to the high Atlas

In February I’ve been to Morocco with 4 hardcore birdwatchers, so not a photography trip, although I came home with more images then I hoped for. Morocco and Western Sahara have a whole variety of […]


Lake Kerkini, the pelican resort

After the last Bulgaria trip, I spent one day at lake Kerkini in Greece, just to check it out and shoot some Dalmatian pelicans. The pelicans learned that fishermen trow fishes over board, so they […]



In January I had the chance to visit Bulgaria, in cooperation with Neophron Tours. The first thing on the program where griffon vultures. There is a good population in Eastern Rodophes. An extremely beautiful and […]