Pieter-Jan graduated as biologist with a specialization in Biodiversity and Ecology at the university of Ghent, Belgium. His passion about wildlife started from a very young age, where he spent lots and lots of time in nature all thanks to his dad who shares the same interests. The photography part started only from an age of 11, when the first digital camera came into the house. As Dorothea Lange once said: “A camera is just a tool for learning how to see without a camera” is definitely true: a whole new world opened up for him, and this developed into a serious hobby and later, a professional occupation.

Apart from that, Pieter-Jan loves to share his knowledge and experience he assembled over the years, so he started working as a nature guide in remote and sometimes extreme environments. He currently runs tours in cooperation with Europesbig5, Starling Reizen and Natures Images.

Pieter-Jan has more images than what’s showcased on this website. If you’d like to get a quote for a talk or images use, please contact him using the contact form.










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